Cardiff Teleform, A Paper Processing Solution

New England Survey Systems
1415 Beacon St #119
Brookline, MA 02446

Cardiff Teleform is the central piece of a paper processing solutions. From turning existing forms into computer-readable ones, to designing new forms specifically designed to be OCR/ICR processed by a computer, Teleform handles paper processes from start to finish, leaving a clean dataset as the final product indexed to the original .

It is an enterprise product that can streamline your enterprise's paper-based processes, even across departments, businesses and locations.

Available as a single PC workstation version or as a site-wide server-based installation, Teleform can be priced to your organization's needs.

Customers typically experience 60-80% in savings by reducing the need for manual transcription and automating the management of paper processing.

Teleform intelligently segregates forms and evaluates the forms automatically leaving a clear audit trail so you can be sure the data is accurate.

Accuracy settings can be tweaked to your processes needs, Teleform can read hand-print, machine print, optical mark, barcodes and even signatures from paper forms and documents.

When encountering ineligible handwriting, Teleform has an easy to use verification program that allows an administrator to make a final decision rather than guess when an accurate interpretation is impossible.